Friday, June 29, 2007

Agloco Referral Hours Update #5

Still growing, another pair of Agloco activists joined our winning ranks yesterday with their Agloco hours figures and and link. Also, another member joined my Agloco network yesterday and another 1.5 hours ticked into my account raising my referral hours to 16.6 from 15.2 hours. What about you? What is your experience like?

1. John Chow - 19,105 membrs, 2,715.9 Hours Get Paid Surfing
2. Saad Sogair - 6,425 membrs, 705.2 Hours Get Paid Surfing
3. Mike Klingler - 3,476 membrs, 578.8 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
4. Diyana Alcheva (Didi) - 2,656 membrs, 518.3 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
5. Heru C Rustamaji - 1,895 membrs, 292.7 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
6. Aaron Nimocks - 2,190 membrs, 251.1 Hours
7. Andrew - 402 membrs, 102.2 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
8. Shin(Computer Nerd) 718 membrs, 87.2 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
9. Ansar Hamza - 2,197 membrs, 29.7 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
10. Philomena Ojikutu - 219 membrs, 16.6 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
11. Eugene Estavillo - 145 membrs, 14.2 Hours Get Paid for Surfing

We welcome two new Agloco activists: Eugene Estavillo a.k.a AGLOCO CANADA, and Heru Cahya Rustamaji from Indonesia, for coming on board.

Pls don't forget to send in the screenshot of your Agloco referral network, which includes your referral membership, your Agloco ID and your Accumulated network referral hours to, and if youhave a blog or website include it in your message so we could point a link to you