Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Masses Created the AGLOCO Revolution!

Welcome every one. I am an AGLOCO activist, and in recent times I have seen that the masses (about 200,000 now), were being neglected in the scheme of things in the growth of our darling AGLOCO.

I was happy when Agloco Top Gun started, but now, it is truly the top guns that entered its cut off point. Any member whose total referrals is less than 500 could not be featured. Similarly if your direct referrals is less than 100, then you have no place there.

This is what motivated me to begin this Agloco masses site for many of us with 10, 30 50 100, 200, to 500 referrals but have been left out by the metrics of AGLOCO Top Gun.

I hope to capture your referrals level and display daily. Agloco is an internet revolution in user-share revenue model. It is the masses that make any revolution to succeed. This site would cater for the interest of those Agloco masses.

Welcome again.

If you have not yet joined the simmering revolution, Fill the form now and be part of an epochal revolution of financial empowerment by AGLOCO.

Always send your referral information to my address: for daily updates.