Monday, July 2, 2007

Top 20 Most Trafficked Blogs- How Much are They Worth?

Blog Worth CalculatorHappy new month JULY! Yesterday was CANADA DAY, and in a few days' time (July 4), we would celebrate America's 231st birthday anniversary, marking the American declaration of Independence.

What Is Your Blog's Market Worth? Would You Sell?

Last month witnessed the sale of that robust and upcoming niche blog Career Ramblings by my dearly beloved and esteemed friend, Jane May. She sold it for a whopping $20,000!

This has thrown up a fresh debate in the blogosphere about the market value of blogs and whether to sell, and at what 'value'. Career Ramblings was making an average of $3,000 income monthly, at the time of sale. Normally the rule-of-the-thumb was applicable at the point of sale, which is: 'multiply the average income of a blog by 10', you would get the current market value.

Using Dane Carlson's Calculator for the worth of Blogs, I discovered that Jane's Career Ramblings was actually worth $139,441.38 That is about seven times the price paid for Career Ramblings. Carlson's parameter was based mainly on Technorati rankings, wich is more current than Google's Page Rank that was updated quarterly.

Quite some changes have taken place since the sale of Jason Calacanis Weblogs Inc. network, for an estimated 25-40 million Dollars in 2005. The MySpace, YouTube and DoubleClick have also been bought for $580 million, $1.65 Billion and $3.1Billion respectively by media mogul Ruppert Murdoch and Google. After calculating the worth of your blog with Dane Carlson's Calculator, you may head for the Sitepoint Marketplace for an adventure to offer your blog for sale if think it is worth the efforts.

Many other factors have also been imputed into the worth of these websites, prime amongst which is the terriffic level of visitor traffic to those sites. So I did an experiment with TTLB Top 20 most trafficked blogs in the world and Technorati Top Ranked Blogs, and compared their differnt worths.

1) Engadget Technorati Authority: 31,556; Worth= $17,096,529.36
2) Boingboing Technorati Authority: 24,984; Worth= $14,128,178.04
3) Gizmodo 1,355,533 visitors/day Technorati Authority: 22,226; Worth= $12,547,466.04
4) Tech Crunch Technorati Authority: 21,132; Worth= $11,150,794.08
5) Huffington Post Technorati Authority: 17,775; Worth= $10,034,698.50
6) Lifehacker, 376565 visitors/day Technorati Authority: 16,824; Worth= $9,240,390.72
7) Ars Technica Technorati Authority: 16,189; Worth= $9,139,338.06
8) Daily Kos 424646 visitors/day Technorati Authority: 12,511; Worth= $6,955,697.34
9) Post Secret Technorati Authority: 12,214; Worth= $6,648,023.04
10) Michelle Malkin Technorati Authority: 10,829; Worth= $6,113,403.66
11) TMZ Technorati Authority: 11,078; Worth= $5,980,736.76
12) Seth Godin Technorati Authority: 10,233; Worth= $5,678,707.86
13) Guy Kawasaki Technorati Authority: 8,899; Worth= $4,677,213.90
14) Kotaku Technorati Authority: 8,277; visitors/day: 521,604 Worth= $4,409,057.40
15) Pro Blogger Technorati Authority: 8,019; Worth= $4,335,667.20
16) Gawker Technorati Authority: 6,961; visitors/day: 247,575 Worth= $3,591,603.48
17) Joystiq Technorati Authority: 5,996; visitors/day: 281,752 Worth= $3,384,981.84
18) Rand Fishkin's Blog Technorati Authority: 5,379; Worth= $3,036,660.66
19) John Chow Visitors/day: 7,000+ Technorati Authority: 5,043; Worth= $2,846,975.22
20) Jeremy Schoemaker Technorati Authority: 4,653; Worth= $2,626,804.62

A few other notable blogs, (13 were randomly picked, why, I don't know), but did not make the cut-off point, are listed below.

1. Matt Cutts' Blog Technorati Authority: 4,359 Worth= $2,309,533.14
2.Autoblog Visitors/day: 343,308 Technorati Authority: 4,536; Worth= $2,184,205.26
3. Danny Sullivan's Blog Technorati Authority: 4,775; Worth= $1,173,678.66
4. Just Jared Visitors/day: 672,774 Technorati Authority: 1,243; Worth= $882,376.02
5. Ilker Yoldas's Blog Technorati Authority: 3,917; Worth= $868,262.52
6. Ms. Danielle Technorati Authority: 552; Worth= $308,238.84
7. Kumiko's Cash Quests Blog Technorati Authority: 247; Worth= $110,085.30
8. John Reese's Blog Technorati Authority: 216; Worth= $106,133.52
9. Camden Chat Visitors/day: 239,151 Technorati Authority: 111; Worth= $62,663.94
10. 20) Bless You Boys Visitors/day: 239,151 Technorati Authority: 94; Worth= $53,066.76
11. Jennifer Slegg's Blog Technorati Authority: 88; Worth= $49,679
12. Halos Heaven Visitors/day: 239,151 Technorati Authority: 125; Worth= $40,646.88
13. Overheard in the UK Visitors/day: 457,291 Worth= $11,855.34

The randomly selected blogs presented some strange results. having great and awesome daily traffic and not having a corresponding linkage on tecnorati which ultimately is the metric of Blog's financial worth.

This research and compilation is not absolute, in terms of many other sites and blogs out there, which had great traffic and linkage but were not ranked by Technorati.

This is just my simple contribution to the update of Blog's worth