Saturday, June 23, 2007

Agloco Hours Competition Revs Up!

As all AGLOCO members begin to accumulate referral hours, I got another mail from Aaron Nimocks where he showed me the screenshot of his Agloco accumulated hours. He even boasted that his was bigger than that of Ansar Hamza. Aaron (2,190) has about the same referrals as Ansar (2,197), but has grown his referral hours (251.1 Hours), by ten times that of Ansar (29.7 Hours)!

I am hereby showcasing the daily growth of Agloco hours accumulated by everyone that sends me their screenshot. Like I mentioed in an earlier post, it is a healthy rivalry.

The Prize? Of course, people like to join the winning team! The bigger your AGLOCO accumulatedv hours, the higher you climb on the daily Updadate here. That means, visitors (and potential new Agloco members), are more likely click the topmost links (either to your site or your recruitment link), than the lower links.

1. Aaron Nimocks - 2,190 members 251.1 Hours
2. Ansar Hamza - 2,197 members 29.7 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
3. Philomena Ojikutu - 212 memebers 8.6 Hours Get Paid for Surfing

Please, Don't forget to send in your screenshot with your AGLOCO ID to my mailbox