Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blog$verti$e and Mak€ Money!

Blogsvertise is the latest thing making the rounds in the mon€y-making blogosphere. I remember once upon a time when my good friend, Kumiko Suzuki was banned by Google, she energetically went ahead and made good earnings from PayP€rPo$t PPP. She practically became a queen in the PPP kingdom as she made a good showing from that income source. (Today, she has migrated to Bidvertise).

Back to Blogvertise. It is just on the PPP model and you can earn an envious sum monthly if you are a good blogger I advise you give it a shot while awaiting AGLOCO!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Are You LinkWorthy?

This is one advertising network that I 'strolled' into some few weeks ago. I decided to carry out a link worth experiment to see how it works for my blog here. I noted that the statistic churned out by it for my blog here as you can see is: Home Page Price- $5-$15; Sub Page Price- $5; Entire SiteRun Price- $50-$60. The criteria used for my blog was: Page Rank 3; link Rank- 2; Outbound links- 77; Pages Indexed- 177; Alexa Rank- 565,263

In comparison, I saw that John Chow's blog was well ranked too, by the LinkWorth parameter. Home Page Price- $65-$75; Sub Page Price- $30-$40; Entire SiteRun Price- $80-$100. John's Google Page Rank of 6 notwithstanding, he was given a link Rank- 3, though his has such a 'splendid' outbound link of- 63 (strangely lower than mine of 77) ; His Indexed Pages and Alexa ranking were naturally high @ 3,230 and 2,513 respectively.

As Agloco warms up to her reputation, we would be filling the one year vacuum left by Agloco with many blogger's advertising options in the next few weeks as I come across them.

Happy Blogging and money making, Thanks.