Saturday, February 24, 2007

Google 'Spies' out AGLOCO?

The lovable web giant, Google was our royal visitor today at AGLOCO Masses. This visit is so significant for me because, it coincides with the buzz over the AGLOCO revolution. One may even be tempted to say that the web giant was 'spying out' the AGLOCO phenomenon, which has put every Dot com investor on the alert for the past three months now. Afterall, nobody wants to make the 'mistake', as with MySpace, Baidu and YouTube.
I mean the kind of Dot com neglect which made many to wonder after these revolutionary web services made their way to the Top Ten
of the most popular sites in the world.

I have had a similar experience with one of my blogs back in September, last year, 2006, when Google came visiting. At the peak, I had about five employees of Google from Montain View, California, subscribed to my daily telenovela stories. Today, I run the most successful Blog on Telenovela on the web.

This is what led me to conclude that, it was the employees of Google who, while doing their normal job of crawling (Google Bot does that well too) over the web, found my blog interesting enough to subscribe.

In our case here, the "Google visitor" came from another AGLOCO site (Agloco News), and spent a total of 19 minutes, 31 seconds, viewing 4 pages of AGLOCO posts. At the end of the august visit, after reading the mystery of AGLOCO growth, the visitor subscribed through FeedBurner, and left, as you can see from the Outclick from Sitemeter screen shots above right.

For those AGLOCO skeptics, who still scoff at the financial revelation which the AGLOCO revolution represents, Let it be known that Google is keeping watch on the leaping growth of this another web miracle.

Harold recently pictured a scenario of an AGLOCO buy-out, (2-3 years time), in comparison to the $1.65 Billion dollars Google Booty, shared out by less than 100 people: founders, investors and employees of YouTube. I prefer to see 4,000 Top AGLOCO recruiters making $2-3 million Dollars each as a reward for their labor of passionate building of AGLOCO, than 2 men making $326 million each, and 31 others sharing the balance $990 million Dollars.

If an hypothetical 4,000 AGLOCO Top builders each made $2-3 million Dollars, and the next level, say, some 40,000 each made an average of $20,000 Dollars in their kitty, while the masses of several millions of AGLOCO members made between $200-$2,000 Dollars based on their respective accumulated referral hours. Above all, they would still keep their shares as owners and founders of AGLOCO. That is what I call TRUE Financial and Economic revolution, executed my a mass based 'AGLOCO army'!

Once again, let's keep our dreams of AGLOCO prosperity alive and fasten our AGLOCO 'seat-belts', as the AGLOCO 'Shuttle is about to launch. May I ask, if you are on board, or still a spectator? If you must join before take-off, its not too late for you to Jump In, and apply now!

AGLOCO Traffic Chart (By Country)

The last 10 days have witnessed traffic to our tracking blog here at AGLOCO Masses. Thanks to Techcrunch and Anne-Sophie Mayos, of the AGLOCO Member Services Team. The pattern seems to point to a natural dominance of North America, (26%), closely followed by Europe(22%) and Asia(21%), which were almost at par. The continents of Africa and South America came 4th and 5th.

The lesson I could pick from this trend is that those countries and continents that have a greater and large mass access to the internet shall naturally fare very well in this simmering AGLOCO revolution. The U.S.A has two-thirds (210 million), of her population with access to the internet. China too has become the second largest country with over 130 million people with access to internet.

Those AGLOCO activists who interact more with surfers from these countries, or who have a greater proportion of their website visitors from these 'dominant' countries would do very well if they could convert them for the AGLOCO revolution.

These charts are just a sample from my AGLOCO Masses blog, and are not necessarily representative of the exact share in the AGLOCO company. But the traffic chart is sufficient a trend for me, that points to the pattern of general successes of the AGLOCO revolution, as it contagiously spreads around the world.

AGLOCO has a strong footing in virtually all the five Continents, that also shows the 'wild-fire' acceptance of AGLOCO business concept by all races of people across the globe. The country share also shows the U.S, (ignore Nigeria), Germany, Canada, Malaysia, U.K, Australia, India, ... China, Indonesia, etc. in that order, showing the weight of importance of these countries in the budding AGLOCO revolutionary contagion around the world.

As we fasten our AGLOCO seat-belts, in preparation for the release of the Viewbar next month- March, I wish all the 'un-silent' AGLOCO masses a successful crusade.

love you.

Referral Updates

1. Schee - 1,704 members (N.R), Join now
2. Simon, Aglocorocks - 882 members (new), Join now
3. Nejc Zupan - 588 members (N.R), Join now.
4. Aglocotest - 578 members (N.R), Join now
5. Nadeem Seedat - 414 members (N.R), Join now
6. Tentang-Agloco - 308 members (N.R), Join now
7. Ty Tribble - 278 members (N.R), Join now.
8. AglocoNews - 200 members (N.R), Join now.
9. Aglocomasses- 172 members (N.R), Join now
10. Heru, Aglocoindonesia- 171 members (new), Join now
11. Cryogenious - 78 members (29+), Join now.
12. Volker Lehmann- 65 members (N.R), Join now
13. tek428 - 60 members (2+), Join now
14. Adam, Aglocohype - 37 members (new), Join now.

We welcome three new AGLOCO activists, (Adam, Heru and Simon), who just swelled our ranks.

Please send your referral updates to: with your AGLOCO referral link for daily updates.

Note: (N.R.) = No Report; (new) = newly listed on our blog here.

No, Not daily, But Hourly!

The increasing popularity of AGLOCO is gathering a frighteningly good momentum. Statistic is revealing that a time comes, and that is very soon, when AGLOCO metrics would be measured hourly, like the CNN news. Any happenings that you report about the AGLOCO growth after 24 hours, would be stale and out-dated.

Yesterday, two of the AGLOCO activists listed on our blog here mailed me several times to update there referrals record. Between them, I received 5 mails notifying me on new increases in their referral records, Within a space of 5 hours I received these five mails from these two Agloco activists.

This is what set me thinking that a time is coming in which what is being listed on our AGLOCO tracking sites, Top Gun inclusive, would be obsolete, if not updated hourly. To "leave-it-till-tomorrow", is to become outdated. AGLOCO, even before its Viewbar launch next month has become another "Google AdSense" account for many of us. AGLOCO activists login to check the increases in Referral membership, at least 3 to 4 times a day.

This was what was accountable for the dramatic surge yesterday by those two activists.

Don't forget that our target is to bring in 72,000 people daily, into the AGLOCO revolutionary Movement of financial enrichment, if we must attain the 10 million membership goal by 1st July 2007!

Keep up the competitive spirit and stay motivated for our AGLOCO successes!

Our number 1 AGLOCO Masses leading referrer, S. Chee, on this blog, spoke loftily about his daily AGLOCO dreams. He has kept faith and has been daily translating those dreams into adorable, if not envious referral levels. Let's learn a trick or two from him. This AGLOCO 'Joseph' the dreamer, has shown us how to translated and interpret those dreams into reality.