Sunday, March 11, 2007

30 days of AGLOCO Masses

The AGLOCO revolution is getting revved up. Google search results of "AGLOCO" is now in the region of 2,110,000! that is some 600,000 more than 3 weeks ago!

We mark our 30 day today with testimony of the irrepressible growth of the AGLOCO revolution. The graph on the right shows how we have fared on this tracking blog to a peak of over 45 visitors daily. With 588 unique visitors in one month, and an average 35 unique visitors per day.

Our participating AGLOCO activists, listed here have grown from one to over 26 now, and 2 new activists are waiting on the queue, after 30 days. In 30 days, The continent of Asia has overtaken North America and Europe, and is now leading the pack with a 47% lead over Europe's 22% and America's 17%.

There is no doubt that, at the national level the U.S.A is still the Number 1 AGLOCO leading nation with 15% lead, followed by France and India, ... going by the AGLOCO Pie Chart, of visitor tracking to our blog here.

In the next 7 days, according to AGLOCO company Blog, the Viewbar would be released. That would be a tremendous boost to many an AGLOCO activist, on the waiting list of AGLOCO. As we look forward to a rewarding season with the release of the viewbar, there shall be cause to rejoice and work harder, particularly for the faint-hearted who have gone napping for a while now.

The next 30 days would be dramatic, as we all shall be putting to test the money-making machine called AGLOCO Viewbar. If you can't find your nation represented on our charts, its probably because, AGLOCO is yet to get to frenzied level in your country. You are AGLOCO Ambassador there. Let the presence of AGLOCO be felt through your energetic input.

As we celebrate 100 days of AGLOCO and 30 days of AGLOCO Masses, I wish you the best outing and successful outcome in your AGLOCO ventures.