Tuesday, June 5, 2007

From Agloco Masses to Agloco Hours!

With the launch of the AGLOCO Viewbar two days ago, it is time for a paradigm shift in AGLOCO metrics. This shift is what is informing our nominal change from AGLOCO MASSES to AGLOCO HOURS!

Hitherto, over the last seven months, the biggest metric of AGLOCO progress has been the number of referrals (direct and extended). This was what prompted the creation of sites like, the AGLOCO TOPGUN and the former AGLOCO MASSES, now turned AGLOCO HOURS.

This is announcing to all members and activists of AGLOCO on this blog that, henceforth, the Agloco Updates would begin to reckon with accumulated hours, in stead of total referred members in their network. From now on, the prominence of any Agloco member would be determined by, how many hours they and their referrals have accumulated, and not how many members they have referred.

In the table above for example, I have accumulated 3.3 Hours, out of the maximum permissible five hours per month. So far, none of my 203 referred members have accumulated any hour browsing with the View Bar. I can foresee the tumbling of 'thrones' on Agloco TopGun and Agloco Masses. Many top members may crash if a significant number of their referrals fail to down load and use the Viewbar to browse.

It is either they have not received their letter that notifies them to go ahead to download, or they have not downloaded the View Bar. Whatever be the case, we should not depend only on Agloco management to help us remind our hundreds and thousands of referred members to download and begin to browse.

Let us begin to reach them through word of mouth, and emailing, and through our blog posts. Let us now with renewed vigor begin to recruit active members, who would download and begin to browse with the Viewbar. Now that we have proofs of accumulated hours, which are proportional to the money and wealth we are making with our ownership of Agloco.

The coming weeks and months would be very dramatic, watching new 'Agloco Champions' emerge with awesome and staggering accumulated hours. It would also be interesting to watch Agloco giants like, David Lawrence (38,000+ members), Mr. X (35,000+ members), RZ McCall (34,000+ members), John Chow (17,000+ members), Yogesh Subhanand (13,000+ members). If they would be able to convert their starry referral numbers into huge accumulated hours.

The accumulated hours are the true expression of each member's share of wealth generated by browsing with the Agloco View Bar.

In the last 48 hours, since the release of the View Bar, the Alexa rank of AGLOCO has risen to all-time high, equaling the initial buzz of November 2006. I have no doubt that, as the download of the View Bar continues, it would rise higher than ever.