Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Agloco Referral Hours Update #9

Michael H. Lewis has come back on board, and seems to be doing well. He was Agloco leader back then, in the old list, he is second only to John Chow, in our current AGLOCO HOURS list.

Similarly Agloco Gemiland Blogger has returned too. He even moved up one step from #6 in the old list to #5 now.

For me, I have jumped by four hours to 41 hours and network membership to 229. The journey to owning a part of the internet pie is getting interesting, don't be left out- JOIN US!

1. John Chow - 20,060 membrs, 4,433.1 Hours Get Paid Surfing
2. Michael H. Lewis - 7,170 membrs, 2,258.8 hours Get Paid Surfing
3. Saad Sogair - 7,994 membrs, 1,981.0 Hours Get Paid Surfing
4. Stanley (Schee) - 4,003 membrs, 823.1 Hours Get Paid Surfing
5. Agloco Gemilang - 2,169 membrs, 616.4 Hours Get Paid Surfing
6. Heru C Rustamaji - 2,069 membrs, 582.8 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
7. Mike Klingler - 3,476 membrs, 578.8 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
8. Diyana Alcheva (Didi) - 2,656 membrs, 518.3 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
9. Aaron Nimocks - 2,246 membrs, 320.5 Hours
10. Ansar Hamza - 2,356 membrs, 118.2 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
11. Andrew - 402 membrs, 102.2 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
12. Shin(Computer Nerd) 718 membrs, 87.2 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
13. Philomena Ojikutu - 229 membrs, 41.2 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
14. Eugene Estavillo - 145 membrs, 14.2 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
15. Igor Rogovic - 9 membrs, 5.0 Hours Get Paid for Surfing

So, don't forget and keep sending in the fresh updates of the screenshot of your Agloco referral network, which includes your referral membership, your Agloco ID and your Accumulated network referral hours to, and if youhave a blog or website include it in your message so we could point a link to you. Catch ya later!