Saturday, June 9, 2007

I am Getting AGLOCO Bigger Hourly, What About You?

I have always stated that AGLOCO has Three Phases. If you are not careful, you may miss the crucial phase, which has just begun.

The first phase was the era of PROMISES and recruitment.

The second phase is this era of PROOFS with the release of the Viewbar which has started accumulating hours, convertible to cash and Agloco Shares.

The third phase would be the era of PAYMENTS. By that time Agloco would have cross-over from the teething stage, having paid the cost of running the company, the excess cash would now be distributed to members according to your referral hours, not according to the number of people you have recruited, no matter how bogus! (Of what use would be high Agloco referrals, if they are not actively browsing with their AGLOCO VIEWBARS to accumulate hours and money?).

From the above screen-shot of my Agloco table, you would notice that I have exhausted the maximum Five hours permitted by Agloco. If all my current 206 AGLOCO Referrals download and use up their 5 maximal hours, then my total accumulated referral hours for the month of June, would be: 257.5 HOURS!

So far I have referral accumulated hours of 2.5 Hours, as can be seen from the screen-shot above. That means I have attained 1% of my target for this month. It's time to go all out to ginger all my referrals to quicken the download and browsing with the Agloco Viewbar. I discover that, fresh people recruited to Agloco are prompt to download and begin using the Agloco Viewbar immediately, than the old rusted members, who are slow to become active with their Viewbar.

I am rough-guessing that 40% of your old referrals (pre-launch), would become active, while 80% of new recruits would be actively using their AGLOCO Viewbar. If this is statistically proven, then, the pointer to your AGLOCO success would be largely dependent on new recruits.

There is no doubt that a good chunk of our old AGLOCO referrals would have been disappointed, hence, forgot or scrapped AGLOCO from their memory, due to the many postponements of the release date of the AGLOCO Viewbar. This is a more compelling reason for us to bring in fresh and untainted members, who would become enthusiastically active with their Viewbars.

If you have downloaded and started browsing. Send me your screen-shot of your referral accumulated hours in your network like I have done above, then we would begin a new daily contest of who has the largest AGLOCO HOURS accumulated from their network of referrals. My email, once again is:

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