Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who Will Bell the Cat?

Well, I would naturally do that.

Yours truly has 150 Referrals so far, as at today.

Let's have a festival of the masses. What is your own referral level? Let me know, so we list the. If you are having referrals under 500, let's feature it on Agloco Masses.

Send your proof (a screen shot of your Agloco Referral table), and your Agloco registration number to back you claim, to my e-mail address:

The Mystery of AGLOCO Growth

A few days ago John Chow told us that, AGLOCO membership was hovering around 180,000 at BBBS. That same day, McCall, the #3 TopGun in Agloco with 14,085 referrals, used Google search results to show the popularity of AGLOCO with 1,100,000 pages. He rightfully described AGLOCO as the "next big thing" on the net. Today however, AGLOCO search on Google has shot up to 1,550,000! Tha is a 41% increase in 9 days, 50,000 additional web pages per day on the keyword "AGLOCO"!

I also received information from one of my newest referrals today who told me that his Registration ID# was in BBBW. That is to say, in 9 days, AGLOCO membership jumped by 22% (40,000) to the region of 220,000! A little less than 5,000 members are joining AGLOCO daily, in the last 9 days!

This figure sent me thinking. While having tremendously improved, it could only bring in an additional membership of some 150,000 this month. So I had to extrapolate and project towards the 10 million membership target of AGLOCO management against 1st July 2007.

We are four-and-a-half months to target date. We need a growth of 2.17 million members every 30 days to until July 1st 2007. That means some 72,000+ members would have to be recruited for the AGLOCO crusade DAILY until 1st July 2007. What that translates to, is that: we need a 14-fold effort, compared to our current input of a little less than 5,000 daily referrals, to realize that goal.

Its time to get at the masses of 800 million internet surfers, waiting for us out there in cyberspace, we have not even attained 1 million membership yet. Has any AGLOCO activist thought of the over 100 million registered users of MySpace and YouTube? Those masses made the revolution possible for those two social networking sites, without being paid a cent, in return for their time and labor of passion.

The case would be different if we dive into the long list of friends we have from these sites and show them the AGLOCO glory and AGLOCO difference. With that in hand, we would sure attain our target before the set time.