Thursday, June 21, 2007

Agloco Boost and Viral Links

The last two weeks have been a season of GROWTH. My Technorati Authority rose and almost doubled from 34 to 61 and I am still counting, ... due to the viral link experiment triggered by some bloggers.

My Agloco Hours has also accumulated to 7.7 hours, (this is apart from my 5 maximum hours permited). This is equivalent to about 13 units of AGLOCO Shares, which also interpretes to $2,600 (two thousand six hundred Dollars) on the stock exchange- When Agloco becomes listed and it grows to $200 per unit of share. Afterall Google was listed three years ago and has grown in leaps and bounds to over $400 per unit of shares

It is time to get on board if you have been 'missing in action', Join now and begin to accumulate the AGLOCO hours because that is what would ultimately be converted to cash for you and I by Agloco. The more Hours your Agloco referrals accumulate, the more share and money you make from Agloco.

I have found out that only about 20% of the people we recruit in the last seven months are really interested to download the Agloco Viewbar, and become active in using it. That is quite sad because those who have tens of thousands recruited would have done so in vain. Particularly those who spend hard cash for Google Adwords campaign to bring referrals on board the Agloco train.

I also found out that those who are newly joining Agloco have an AGLOCO Viewbar download rate of 80%. This means it would be more profitable and productive to recruit and refer new members to AGLOCO, now that the Viewbar has been released than pre-launch period.

My dear friend Ansar Hamza has sent in his AGLOCO accumulated hours too (see table right). Hamsa has 2,197 referrals and has so far gannered 29.7 referral hours so far. If added to his own 5 hours, that makes some 30 hours! equivalent of 3o units of AGLOCO shares (whatever that would be worth soon, when Agloco launches her IPO on the London Stock Exchange-LSE).

Please, send in the screenshot of your Agloco accumulated hours to and let us begin a healthy money-making competition. I assure you that I would regularly post updates on the growth of your agloco hours with a link to your agloco recruting page.

Keep up the volume and value!