Saturday, February 24, 2007

No, Not daily, But Hourly!

The increasing popularity of AGLOCO is gathering a frighteningly good momentum. Statistic is revealing that a time comes, and that is very soon, when AGLOCO metrics would be measured hourly, like the CNN news. Any happenings that you report about the AGLOCO growth after 24 hours, would be stale and out-dated.

Yesterday, two of the AGLOCO activists listed on our blog here mailed me several times to update there referrals record. Between them, I received 5 mails notifying me on new increases in their referral records, Within a space of 5 hours I received these five mails from these two Agloco activists.

This is what set me thinking that a time is coming in which what is being listed on our AGLOCO tracking sites, Top Gun inclusive, would be obsolete, if not updated hourly. To "leave-it-till-tomorrow", is to become outdated. AGLOCO, even before its Viewbar launch next month has become another "Google AdSense" account for many of us. AGLOCO activists login to check the increases in Referral membership, at least 3 to 4 times a day.

This was what was accountable for the dramatic surge yesterday by those two activists.

Don't forget that our target is to bring in 72,000 people daily, into the AGLOCO revolutionary Movement of financial enrichment, if we must attain the 10 million membership goal by 1st July 2007!

Keep up the competitive spirit and stay motivated for our AGLOCO successes!

Our number 1 AGLOCO Masses leading referrer, S. Chee, on this blog, spoke loftily about his daily AGLOCO dreams. He has kept faith and has been daily translating those dreams into adorable, if not envious referral levels. Let's learn a trick or two from him. This AGLOCO 'Joseph' the dreamer, has shown us how to translated and interpret those dreams into reality.