Friday, June 29, 2007

AGLOCO: Low Payouts for June & July

Agloco Company BlogGood News! Agloco company blog has informed us in the latest post titled: "Revenue and Cash Payouts" that, due to the sheer volume of users, and the need to improve the current Viewbar revenue through, correction of the weak ads rotation, and poor connection with other networks, which may take the next five to six weeks to complete and meet expected standards:

"... revenue for the months of June and July will be low, as the current system cannot be improved any faster".

The company also promised to take off at the end of August 2007 with, additional
"... online ad auction system like Google’s AdSense so advertisers will be able to buy Viewbar ads directly".
Cash Distributions:
In order to reach profitability quickly (which is necessary to make cash distributions), the company has been prudently keeping expenses to a minimum, saying:

"... we have tried to implement the less costly improvements while recognizing that the major changes will have to wait longer... but AGLOCO needs to become sustainable and make Member distributions as fast as possible".
On the 'mother of all questions' "When will I be paid by AGLOCO?" and, ... "How much will I be paid?" The company advised us not to engage in speculations, but should revisit the FAQ section, where the questions has been fully answered before now, clearly emphasising that, early revenues will not immediately translate into cash distributions to members, until when her current revenue outstrips her minimized operational costs.

It nevertheless assured us that all our accumulated hours will not be wasted, saying: "... both overall hours and monthly hours will be used in determining distributions to Members".

It further reminded us of what the FAQ section and previous blog posts stated that: we are building a sustainable business entity in the long term. It therefore counselled us not to expect immedite checks until "... after the first couple of months".