Sunday, June 24, 2007

John Chow Rocks Agloco Hours!

I had waited since June 4, when Agloco Viewbar was launched to see how the Big Four (David Lawrence 39,514, RZ McCall 36,415, Mr. X 35,525 and our beloved John Chow 19,105) would perform with their mega referral numbers. Would they have corresponding referral hours?

Now, I have a sample of answer from John chow's latest post. To date John has about 19,000+ Agloco referrals and his total network referral Hours accumulated is 2,715.9 Hours.

He calculated that to mean 11.4% of his referral network were actively downloading and using their Agloco Viewbar. This is exactly what I postulated in my earlier posts on the nework activity rate.

I therefore post the update of the Agloco network referral accumulated hours of the following members:

1. John Chow - 19,105 membrs 2,715.9 Hours Get Paid Surfing
2. Mike Klingler - 3,476 membrs 578.8 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
3. Diyana Alcheva (Didi) - 2,656 membrs 518.3 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
4. Aaron Nimocks - 2,190 membrs 251.1 Hours
5. Ansar Hamza - 2,197 membrs 29.7 Hours Get Paid for Surfing
6. Philomena Ojikutu - 212 membrs 8.6 Hours Get Paid for Surfing

Pls don't forget to send in the screenshot of your Agloco referral network, which includes your referral membership, your Agloco ID and your Accumulated network referral hours to